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in marketing, a social media post that aims to promote and fund good causes by offering to reward the post audience’s engagement with donation dollars.

the company used a philanthropost to support the Red Cross and got more traction per dollar then if they paid for ads”

$ 133000000000

That’s how much we paid Google & Facebook for ads last year.

What if a fraction of that was channeled into great local causes by generous brands that saw an opportunity to make a difference with their marketing?

The Movement

To fund great causes by channelling dollars away from ad platforms and towards non-profit organizations and movements striving to make an impact and bring much needed change to our world. Read the story.

The Call

For digital marketing agencies and companies to help fuel giving marketing, aggregating data from global PhilanthroPosts to help establish best-practices for maximizing brand awareness and equity in relation to dollars donated per audience engagement action.

The Question

Can a social post that rewards audience engagement actions (shares, likes, comments, retweets, etc.) with a donation made to a good cause produce as much or more awareness and brand equity for a company, as a paid ad?

Join the growing number of marketers and brands determined to change their communities one post at a time.

How to join:
Publish a social post that offers to donate dollars (as much as you can) to a cause (up to you) for every (pick an engagement action – like, retweet, share etc) before a certain date. See an example of a philanthropost.

When the timeframe is complete, revisit (this page) and share your results in the form below.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.“

Vincent Van Gogh